Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here are some random Halloween thoughts.

My favorite thing about Halloween is the pumpkin seeds. It is the main reason I carve pumpkins. I cooked mine up last night. Yum.

I secretly gloat that my kids costumes are better than everybody elses. Maybe because the over achiever in me has worked so hard to make them. Most years at least.

My favorite costume that I made for the boys is..... the trick or treat bag. It is a big bag with arm and leg holes. It has a big pumpkin appliqued to the front. I just held onto the handles and they had to stay with me, couldn't fall. It was great.

I don't like to dress up myself. But now I have to. My orange flight suit is in the car, ready to go. At least I will get to be comfortable. Comfort is important to me. Almost as important as being warm.

I am highly annoyed by high school kids (especially the ones with no costumes) that are still trick or treating. They usually come around after you think it is safe to turn your light back on and ring the bell and make the dog bark right after you put the kids to bed.

One of the cons I forgot to list about going back into the classroom is that I would have to deal with the parties. I crave calm and quiet and order and parties are the exact opposite. And yes, most of the time my classroom is all those things. I better get coffee today to better deal with the chaos.

Ah, well, the day will be fun. As soon as I wake up and shake off the crankies. It will be fun. It will. Really, it will. I hope.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Odds and Ends

I wanted to post this picture yesterday, but experienced technical difficulties. So here are Ducky and sweetE on our trek.

I survived my observation today. As far as I know. I haven't heard anything yet. Observations are so unnerving. My first principal didn't like me (hated me in fact), so he found every opportunity to find fault. I have been scarred for life. He actually observed me on my first day teaching. After I was hired three weeks into the school year. And I had never taught a 90 minute block before. And I had never taught high school before. What was he thinking?

My last principal (who restored my faith in administration and myself) walked in about 20 minutes after my observation. He wanted to see how I was surviving fifth grade. Nothing against my new principal, but I wish he had waited a year to retire. Let me get settled in my new position before proving myself to someone new. We joked that he was nuts for taking a substituting job for kindergarten.

SweetP swam all the way across the pool tonight. Yahoo! SweetE actually did nose in and bubbles. Yahoo! Such cute little swimmers.

Very tired, gotta get some sleep.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a Weekend

The beautiful weather continued throughout the weekend. The list of chores did not shrink, but the memories grew. I'll take it. Here is sweetE in his dinosaur costume last night. I was going to break down and buy sweetP his costume this year. But when we went shopping, I couldn't bring myself to pay $40 for a cheesy costume. Fortunately, sweetE is still young enough that we can convince him to wear his brothers old costumes. And he gets to wear it three times. Yeah!

Even though I went in to work for two and a half hours today. It is against my rules, but I am being observed tomorrow and that unnerves me. On the way home, I remembered the wildlife refuge and since it was a beautiful day we decided to go.

We headed off down the trail with sweetE saying that we needed to go home to get his "noculars." And "Where are the birds?" And generally having a grand time. We stopped and looked for frogs, no luck. We continued down the trail as I kept saying that you have to be quiet if you want to see animals. We looked at a beaver dam. SweetE got a little tired and got to ride on Ducky's shoulders the entire way back.

SweetP wanted to stop and rest at every bench we came to. It was two miles there and back. But he was a trooper. His favorite part was when we rescued a fuzzy caterpillar. It was in the path and he scooped it up with a twig, showed it to sweetE and then put the twig and caterpillar back in the grass. We arrived back at the car as the sun was getting low in the sky and the chill was returning to the air. I can't believe it took us two years to visit when it is 5 minutes from our house.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Perfect Fall Day

Today was a beautiful fall day. It was also the last day of soccer season for sweetP. While it has been a rough season, because of illness and weather, he has loved it all. He played hard, but sadly didn't get a single goal the entire season. He was a great defender and blocked many goal attempts.

After the game we headed off for the post season pizza party and trophy ceremony. Poor little sweetE slept through the entire thing, laying on a chair with my leg as a pillow. SweetP was really excited to add to his trophy collection, this is his fourth.

Then it was home to get ready for trunk or treating at our neighbors church. SweetE still wasn't convinced that he wanted to be a dinosaur. He really wanted to be a ninja, like his big brother. But the dinosaur costume was already made and he is just too cute in it. I used sparkly, scale-like fabric and everything.

We practiced saying trick or treat, but he would only say it to me. So we walked around the parking lot, he would hold up his bucket and cover his eyes. Every time I would stop to try and talk to someone, he was pulling me towards the next car. He was into it, but was so overwhelmed by the shear number of kids.

SweetP on the other hand, has gotten over his shyness, at least as far as Halloween is concerned. He greeted each car with a "Trick or Treat, Hi-yaa." His bucket over floweth.

So now I sit here, drinking really yummy hot chocolate (dark chocolate, melted) and blogging. I should be grading some of the 15 sets of papers I have collected. But I am a really good procrastinator.

In case you want to buy the really yummy cocoa, it is House of Brussels Gourmet Dark Chocolate from Costco. Really yummy if you like dark chocolate. And it comes in a cool tin.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How I Became a Grandparent at 35

When we moved into our first house, mortgage and all, we became friends with the people behind us. It might have never happened if we didn't have a friendly dog and if they didn't have a friendly daughter who loves animals.

Their younger daughter was 10 or 11 at the time and over the next few years, we got to know each other quite well. When we had sweetP, the younger daughter, Ballet Dancer, would come over almost every day for the entire summer and play with him and give me a break for about an hour. When we were having a discussion on time (the grownups) about who would get our kids if something should happen to us, their parents said that we were closer to the girls than all their relatives and they would trust us to raise them. We became their back-up parents.

Over the years, we have been through the ups and downs of the teenage years, the boyfriend dramas, given advice that sounded remarkably like what their parents had said and been to many a dance recital. We are family. We call Ballet Dancer, sweetP's big sister, and they are still very close even though we moved away from the neighborhood. Velcro was not too happy about the move. He lost his doggy door and personal groomer all at once.

So Ballet Dancer's big sister, Princess, met Mr. Right after many Mr. Right Now's and got married last spring. And while I was in Reno, I became a back-up grandparent when Princess had her baby.

So while I am in no danger of actual grandparenthood, I do get the honorary title.

Dog vs. Cat

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

I must say that I am surprised, but not surprised to see that I have that much cat in me. I have a strong dislike for actual cats. But at the same time, I do enjoy some solitary time and sometimes I like to just observe. So I guess it makes sense. I think that Velcro is a little disappointed in me though. But he is a lover and forgives me my cat ways.

Laurie, thanks for the link to the quiz.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Now the Rest of the Story

Right after dinner, dad decides that we should head back. I had the same idea, but I was thinking after cake not before. So just as I get in the restroom, my phone rings. It is Ducky with a report on what I have been missing. Lots. Except I only have one bar on my phone and three minutes into the conversation, I lost the call. Bummer.

In the meantime, dad must think I have left without him because he is saying to my brother that he has no idea where I have gone. So we do our good byes. My new sister in law asks where we are staying. Motel 6 by the airport of course. She decides to inform me that many of her clients are from there. Oh boy, she is a public defender. That can't be good. I respond with, I'll make sure to lock the doors. But your car might get vandalized. But it is a rental. You bought the insurance right? Nope. Living on the edge!

I decide that when I talk to Ducky, I won't mention any of that. He is a worrier after all. My philosophy, it'll all work out in the end.

So we hit the road and head back to Reno. We get back to Reno no problem. Dad thanks me several times for coming with him. Ah, shucks. But then we have to find the motel. I have the map from the rental company. I have the address. I was going to call from the lodge, except for the limited lack of phone reception. I get to find the motel in the dark in a town I have only spent about 10 minutes in. And remember I am supposed to know exactly how to do everything.

One wrong turn later and I have to pull off to the side of the road to call. Grouchiness is spreading rapidly. Turn around, head back and wa-la, motel. I send dad in to register and I call and vent. Otherwise I might explode. This is after an entire conversation about when we need to be at the airport tomorrow. I don't know, our flight was at 11 something, I assume we can figure that out after we find the hotel. Wrong. Again.

So we check in, park and find our room. Dad promptly strips to his shorts and goes to bed at 8:30. My eyes are still burning. What is wrong with wearing real pajamas? Especially in mixed company. I read a book for a half hour before I give up, feeling bad for keeping the light on. I packed a sleeping pill for this very occasion. Dad has been known to snore and there is a lot of noise outside.

And I drift off to sleep, only to be woken up at 4:24 by a text message. One of my "daughters" had her baby and I gave them permission to text me whenever, because my phone is downstairs and I sleep upstairs. Except that one night. Of course. And I never really go back to sleep after that. Bummer.

So at seven I give up and get up. And it takes five minutes for that shower to heat up. I was sure that I was going to have to take a cold shower. We have plenty of time to check out, go eat breakfast (I can't eat that early), return the rental car and hang out at the airport for two and a half hours.

Going through security is like deja vu. And then we sit. I go and buy silly gifts for the boys. And a magazine. And a coffee. And finish my book. And tell dad he might want to eat something because there probably won't be time after the flight. There is a one hour window between when our plane lands and his bus leaves. I have been joking that if he misses the 2 o'clock bus, he gets to sit and wait for the 6 o'clock one. Because he is not coming home with me. Mostly because we couldn't get him on another bus until Tuesday and our Monday nanny would be really uncomfortable if he was at our house with her. We need the Monday nanny.

So he goes and gets a sandwich. Complains about the person who made it for him, and makes a slur that makes me very uncomfortable. Eats three bites and throws it away. Okey dokey. If I click my heels together three times can I go home?

Full flight. But luck is with me. Another "old goat," dad's words not mine, sits next to him and they exchange stories the whole way back! We arrive early. I drop dad off at the bus stop, go get my car and drive around to drop off the rest of his stuff. And I am free. Yes, I left my dad waiting at the airport for his bus. But by then he only had 20 minutes to wait. And parking at the airport is such a hassle.

So I am headed home via the hospital. I had to see the baby. I am a back up grandma after all. I'll tell that story soon. Cute baby, throwing his first fit, happy that it is not mine and that I can give him back. I come home to my own cute boys and collapse on the couch. They snuggle in and tell me all about their weekend.

The Wedding - To the Wedding & The Event

After we cleared security, we had to get to our gate. Dad is not in the best shape and has to stop and rest frequently. Fortunately, our airport has moving sidewalks. So dad and I meandered to the gate and sat down to wait for boarding. I don't mind going slowly (unless that means we will miss our flight), it gives me a break from the crazy, hectic schedule I normally have to maintain.

I have a thing for personal space. My family was never a hugging/cuddling type of family. So my personal bubble is sacred space. I can't stand close talkers.

Our flight was only half full. Yahoo, lots of space. Nope. I sat down and, plop, dad sits right next to me. In the center seat. And then leans in my direction. It made me think of that commercial for cologne or something, where one person is on the subway surrounded by 5 or 6 other people all squeezed in and the rest of the car was empty. So here I am trapped between the plane and dad.

And I realize that his dentures need some serious attention. Not something you notice from across the room during polite conversation at home. So I have an hour to deal with feeling all claustrophobic.

The plane takes off, and I comment that we are flying north. In my family, we are always right. Some members are worse than others about being right, even when they are so very wrong. I have learned over the years to have something to back up my rightness, dad is just always right. So my comment about flying north is met with, "No, we are going south." No we are not. So after several rounds of are not, are too, are not, art too, I am wondering why I ever said anything. I pronounce that if we were flying south, I would not be seeing the mountains out the window, they would be on the other side of the plane. That yes, we would be flying south, but we weren't yet. And then as if on cue, the plane banked and turned and we were flying south. The response from dad, "huh."

The aggravation level is rising. I am sleep deprived, over the allotted amount of dad time, trapped on a plane with my personal bubble being invaded. I'm in trouble. What was I thinking?

As we fly into Reno, I comment on how anyone could live there. It is just so brown. I have a thing for green and moisture. That is when I learn that dad was stationed at some base in Nevada at some point in his military career. New fact for the dad file.

We land and get to exit the plane. The Reno airport does not have moving sidewalks. We have plenty of time, so we stop a lot on the way to the car rental counter. Dad is under the impression that I know every last detail about the trip by heart. So the fact that I don't know where to pick up the rental car bothers him. I am very prepared with printouts of the flight info, car rental info, motel reservations, directions to the wedding. But I have never been here before, so there is still a learning curve. So I leave dad where I think the shuttle will pick us up and go in to find out. I have chosen poorly, the shuttle picks us up on the other side of the building.

And not next to the building, out past a parking lot and by two yellow posts. The person in line in front of me told the shuttle driver that we were coming so he waited. But I got to hear about how the shuttle was too far away.

Once we got the rental car, we were off. Got on the freeway no problem. Found the first turn off, no problem. After that dad seemed to think that I knew exactly where we were and when we needed to turn and how much farther it was. Have I mentioned that I have never been to Nevada before. My designated role when Ducky and I travel is to navigate. But today, I was navigating and driving.

We arrived without a single wrong turn. We have not had breakfast yet. The lodge has a restaurant. That closed at 9:30. So after introductions we head back to town for sustenance.

Fast forward through the rest of the day. We get back to the lodge. We hang out in my brothers cabin. My brother and I have a bonding moment over dad having to be right about something that really doesn't matter. My job is to make sure dad gets dressed on time. The wedding is nice, preachy but nice. The reception is nice. We sit with two very chatty ladies, so at least there is new territory to be discussed. And then it is time to head back to Reno.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Wedding - Getting to the Airport

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. In my perfect world I would never have to be any where before 9 or 10 in the morning. I am not living in my perfect world.

Whenever I have to be somewhere very early, I sleep badly and wake up about 15 times before the alarm goes off. At 4:30 I give up on sleep and decide to get up. As I stagger (literally) out of bed, the guest room door opens and out comes dad, dressed and ready to go. Dad suffers from the same disease that Ducky does, though they try to be quiet it is just not something they are capable of. I realize I better get going before dad wakes up the entire house. They would have been horrible ninjas.

I cannot start my day without a shower. One of the many reasons I don't care for camping. Showered, dressed and as ready I can ever be at five in the morning, I head downstairs. Dad is at the dining room table drinking instant coffee. He starts to talk, loudly, in our dining room where the vault sends the sound right up the stairs to the bedrooms. I respond with, "Shall we go?"

Bags in the car, us in the car, car on the road. We are off. Oops, I forgot to get cash. We head to the credit union (aka free atm) so I can get cash. The credit union is right across the street from Starbucks. I sadly note that not even Starbucks is open this early. I get zero sympathy from dad.

We are off to the airport as I begin to regret ever agreeing to being the good sister and spending a weekend with dad and not with two of the cutest boys around. At that time of the morning, I was on auto pilot and headed onto the freeway in the wrong direction. An omen, perhaps? Fortunately, I know more than one way to the airport.

We arrive at the economy lot without incident. Dad wanted to be dropped off at the shuttle shelter while I parked. Great idea. He could hang onto the bags while I pray my parking kharma hangs on. No such luck. I end up parking about a mile away and have to trot to the shelter as I see several buses drive past. Dad is at the first stop, and is waiting for me. And it was cold. I don't like early and I don't like cold. I better be getting lots of points for this.

While attempting to get off the shuttle, my bag stops rolling, I step in the crack and nearly go head over heels. I am rather experienced at klutziness and manage to not fall flat. And just like that we are off to see what gate we are headed to and wind through security.

I have neglected to mention that dad can't hear. Or more specifically, he can't hear me. I say something to him, I get a "What?!" and then I yell what I said. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The night before I told him not to wear both the suspenders and the belt. He didn't listen. While I sailed through security, dad did not. I find myself holding my suitcase, shoes, purse, dad's suitcase, coat, shoes and glasses, while watching him get wanded and patted down. I have to keep an eye on his wallet during the whole process.

Once they have determined that dad doesn't pose a security threat, we are free to proceed to our gate. But first, dad has to get put back together. Dad decides that it is too much effort to thread the belt through the loops, instead choosing to fasten it over the top of the jeans. Which leads me to wonder why he wears it in the first place, if his suspenders are doing all the work anyway?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wedding - The Days Prior to Leaving

So sorry to have kept you hanging. Darn conferences, chewed my up, spit me out and stomped on me for good measure. But I am better now.

So dad comes a few days early so he can spend time with the kiddos. Since he is the only grandpa they have got, it is good. Except that means I will be over my allotted tolerance time before we even leave. Yikes! My family and I have very, very little in common. I think I was ready to escape to a different life from birth on. We grew up on a hobby farm and I only dreamed of the burbs. I'm livin' the dream now!

Dad and I usually run out of things to catch up on after an hour. Then the record starts skipping and dad starts repeating and I begin biting my tongue. Sometimes, a new story escapes. And that can be interesting.

We take advantage of the fact that dad is here, and we leave sweetE in his care while we go to sweetP's conference. SweetP is doing fabulously and we couldn't be happier. The next day, both boys don't have school, so again dad gets to spend quality time with them while we go about our usual schedule. So far so good.

Dad has reached that age when you don't realize that you are not bathing or showering enough. I plan to make it a point to have my children tell me if I need to bathe. Since dad takes a shower the night before we leave I, incorrectly, assume all will be well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wedding - The Background

So I was headed off to Reno to see my brother get married. Again. And dad was coming with me.

This is my brother's third marriage. He swears that he has learned from his mistakes and this is it. I hope so. I wasn't invited to the first wedding. But I really like the first wife. I kept her in the divorce. We still chat occasionally and she seems very happy in her second marriage.

I was invited to the second wedding. But since it was on a Tuesday and we had a one year old sweetP, we couldn't afford to take the time off. Even though my brother graciously offered to pay my way on the day cruise if I would only work at the wedding taking photos. I don't work at weddings anymore, too stressful. Plus, I didn't like this wife nearly as much as the first one.

So I thought I should probably buck up and go to this one. I like the newest wife, so far. I think she is nuts, but that is more her problem than mine (for marrying my brother, not for any other reason). As a little sister, I have to wonder what anyone sees in him.

And dad was coming with me because my mom didn't want to go and he couldn't drive or fly by himself. Don't get me started on my mom, it is not pretty.

Monday, October 15, 2007


There will be a Reno wedding adventure story tomorrow. Tonight I have a math quiz to write. And I am beyond tired. And I need to relocate some students to new continents (aka table groups) because they are driving me nuts. And its conference week. I have to think of nice and constructive things to say that will simultaneously make parents happy and kids behave. Ahhh, I love my job!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

They Are Listening

Last Thursday, sweetP had a appointment to get his hearing checked. I'm getting tired of having to yell at the poor kid. So I have to get him up really early, so we can be on the other side of the world at 7:45 am. We get to the doctor with time to spare. So I tell him that we are going to stop in the restroom, before we check in. While we are in there, he solemnly says, "Mommy, maybe you should have gone before we left." So he does listen. When he can hear.

The good news. His hearing loss is temporary. There is just fluid and wax build up. He should be back to normal soon. In the meantime, I will be laughing at all the funny things he says. And all the things I say, that he then shares with me later.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

SweetE was well enough to go to the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun together. He was excited that I was staying with him. I was happy that we were out of the house together. When we are at home, I feel like I need to get things done and then we don't play much. When we are out I don't worry.

He was walking along, holding my hand, being the model child. He really is a very good little boy. We saw all kinds of animals. He is funny because even if he wants to do something, he just can't always make himself. He loved the little chicks. But he couldn't bring himself to pet them. He tried to build up the courage to pet the goat, but never quite made it. He ran into and out of the hay maze, but never went down the slide. So after we picked our pumpkins and rode in the wagon and he ate his doughnut and finally tried the fresh apple cider, he wanted to go back to the chicks.

This time without all the other people around, he wanted to pet the chick. So I scooped one up, and he gently touched its little head. Then he tried to grab its head. We finally left and half way home he realized that he didn't pet the goat. Minor meltdown, but hot cocoa with whipped cream made that better. Mom needed coffee.

On the way home, we pulled over for a firetruck and ambulance both with their lights on. He commented that someone is hurt. I guess we have talked a lot about what an ambulance means. A good day with the boys!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Brighter Side

No permanent damage done to the sweetP. He was cranky about having to get up this morning. He is lucky that I choose not to be cranky, I hate getting up early. Not that seven is all that early, but eight is better. But by the time we were walking to school, I was getting the "I just love you mommy." Good to know.

The sweetE is feeling better today, so we will be headed to the pumpkin patch in a few hours. Please, no rain.

Things are looking up. I got the car vacuumed this morning. I want to maintain the illusion that I've got it under control to whichever preschool mom is sending her child in my car.

I hope for complete health on my part by this weekend. I've got a quick trip to Reno for a wedding. With my dad. That should make a very entertaining post.

Everything else is the same, but with improved health in the house, I have a better perspective on it all. And I have the day off to play with my little sweetE!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Balls Dropping Everywhere

Tonight we had to hurry off and pick up dinner so we could stop by the accountants house to sign our taxes before he hurried off to swim lessons. And that is just how insane it felt. The only problem, we made it to swim in the nick of time, only to realize that the swim stuff was sitting on the table at home. In our hurry to get out of the house with a movie for sweetE to watch (darn ears), a check for the accountant, something for me to do while we sat out in the car watching Cars, coats, purse, keys and two boys, the bag of swim trunks, towel and jammies got forgotten. We had a very sad sweetP.

I hate it when the boys get disappointed. As I tucked him in tonight, he said that we need to make sure that next swim day, we remember the stuff. I told him he might have to help remember too.

I wonder what will crash down next. I took tomorrow off so I could go to the pumpkin patch with sweetE, I just hope we get to go. He did perk up today and even ran to greet me when I got home. I had to write lesson plans for a substitute and that is no small feat.

Meanwhile, sweetP is still having a hard time hearing, so I need to call the advice nurse tomorrow. Just another item on the to do list. I swear Santa's list is getting a run for its money for sheer length.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


My little sweetE, the only healthy one among us, has an earache. A doozy. I'm hoping it is not another ear infection. I still have a cough. Ducky still has a cough. SweetP can barely hear out of his right ear. So the only healthy one is Velcro.

I certainly hope we are getting our entire winter allotment of illness now. If this continues throughout the winter, I may start drinking, heavily. No sipping, chugging. Like most people do in college.

Save me!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Food Funk

I have this philosophy that people are either foodies or sleepies. Very few people are both. I am a sleepy. I can go without food and be fine (mostly). Ducky can go without sleep and be fine (mostly). The boys are both sleepies too. In other words, if we are tired, look out. We get overtaken by the crankies and then no one wants to be around us. I love my sleep.

The problem with being a sleepy, when you go into a food funk where nothing sounds good, you don't care if you eat at all. I am in a food funk and have been for about a week. Nothing sounds good, I can take it or leave it for most kinds of food. Chocolate is exempt, I'll always take chocolate.

As the head chef in the house, it means that I don't think about meals until the last minute. So we have eaten out a lot this week. Thursday night I did go and make 11 meals to stick in the freezer. My saving grace for the next few weeks. Ask me what we are having for dinner tonight and I really don't care. I know I need to eat and feed the rest of the family, but I am too tired and uninspired to even want to think about dinner.

I also make really bad choices. Since Ducky took the boys to run errands, I just finished off six Milano cookies and a can of rootbeer. I spilled a quarter of the rootbeer (yes I am aware of my drinking problem). I had a fruit leather and a pudding for lunch. I have got to get out of this food funk. Send me yummy food ideas for picky eaters (myself included).

Good news, my coffee maker and I are friends again.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hanging on by a Thread

I'm walking on the edge of a cliff and juggling at the same time. And people keep throwing more balls my way. I am just waiting for them to rain down and shatter around my feet and knock me off the cliff.

I keep finding things I need to do, but not the time to do them. My evenings have been taken over by first grade homework. We spent two and a half hours doing homework this week. When you add that to soccer practice and swimming lessons, there is no time for anything else. So sweetP and I are bonding over homework.

After the boys go to bed, I do my own homework. Somehow, those lessons don't get planned and the work doesn't get graded without me. I have a stack of papers four inches thick to grade, and no plans for next week.

Meanwhile, the floor needs to get mopped, carpets vacuumed, Mt. Laundry conquered, dishes done, groceries bought, the pit of despair organized (my craft room, there is no crafting going on there at the moment), the garage cleaned (the rainy season has started early and I want to park in there), the out grown clothes dealt with, the toys organized so every box doesn't get dumped because we are looking for something, finding a new mattress so I can sleep at night (thoughts on the Tempur-Pedic?), get the entire family well (it is not looking promising, sweetP woke up with a headache, sore throat and fever last night) and goodness knows what else that hasn't occurred to me yet.

Okay, I feel better now, not less overwhelmed, but better for having vented. There are positives in my life, so now I shall dwell on those.

Wednesday night, I flew in two minutes before sweetP needed to leave for soccer practice, so I got to stay home with sweetE. "Mommy, play knights with me." "Hang on sweetie, let mommy take some medicine, her head hurts." Five minutes later, "Mommy, play knights with me." "Please let mommy rest for a few minutes so she can feel better." He proceeded to play very quietly for 20 minutes while I laid on the couch and recovered from the rapidly worsening headache I got shortly before I left work. After my little rest, I felt so much better and was so grateful for my patient little boy that let me have the time I needed.

I know I will climb out of the hole I seem to be, just let it be soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One Down, Three To Go

We have one healthy body in the house, unless you count Velcro that would make two. Only three to go. My sweetE went in for a follow up check today and he was pronounced healthy. Yippee! No sign of ear infections, sounds good, looks good and he was so darn cute. He was flirting with all the assistants and putting on quite the show. For the first time ever, I didn't have to hold him on the scale while not actually touching him so he could get weighed. He popped right up there and stood still and grinned the whole time.

The other three of us seem to be on the mend, even if we aren't quite there yet. Once we get healthy, we might decide to reside in a bubble for the rest of cold and flu season.

After yesterdays coffee adventure I opted for hot chocolate today. Sadly, I was attempting to get so much done that I only drank half before it got cold and not so yummy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Coffee Challenged

I am coffee challenged today. In an attempt to be good and have coffee at home instead of spending $3, I made coffee.

I love our coffee maker, most of the time. Today we are having a disagreement.

Coffee, take one. Put all the stuff in, put it together, put it on the stove. Rivers of coffee are flowing down the sides. I didn't get the lid on right. Dump it out and start over.

Coffee, take two. Clean the coffee maker. Put all the stuff in, put it together, put it on the stove. One little creek running down the side of the coffee maker. Not enough for a do over. The button pops and not much else happened. Usually there is the little hiss of coffee steam injecting itself into the milk, making me a yummy latte. Push the button down, pull it up, better, but still weak. I think it might be salvageable.

Find my insulated mug. Attempt to pump vanilla syrup into it. Minor syrup explosion. Wipe off cup. Try again. Four pumps of syrup, pour sad coffee into cup. Apply lid.

Decide the coffee needs to be stirred. Close lid, it is a travel mug after all and swirl coffee. There is a river of coffee running down the side of the cup.

It can only mean one of two things. One, I am not meant to have coffee today. Or, two, I an inept barista and should never attempt to work at Starbucks.

The entire time, the persona of Six from Blossom (boy am I dating myself) has been reincarnated in my sweetE. And there is a non-stop barrage of questions, comments and miscellaneous babbling coming from him. I don't think he even stopped to breath. I think my eye twitch might be back.

He is feeling better this morning, but he is staying home from preschool with Ducky anyway. I have to go change my shirt, all the rivers left coffee spots on the white shirt I was planning to wear to work today.

I better go drink that coffee. I'm going to need it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Depressing

So we'll start with the good. I seem to be getting better (please don't let me be jinxing myself). Ducky says he feeling better. He still sounds like he is on speaking terms with the grim reaper, but I am choosing to believe him. And my sweetP is all better.

I am starting to feel like I am getting into a groove at work. It should take just a few more weeks and I will have settled into a nice routine.

We got to see a one week baby cousin yesterday. I got to hold her and she was so tiny and cute. The really good news is that I could enjoy it and it did not create baby cravings. Quite the opposite actually, when I saw the exhausted parents, happy for them, happier it is not me. Love babies, love to give them back.

Also, two lovely ladies chose to bestow awards on me. I am so flattered. My first blogging awards. And I have only been blogging since May, however, I have become quite addicted. The only problem, I have a very small blogging circle and I don't have time to let it get bigger. So I will ponder how I can bestow the honor on some other worthy individual.

And there was no Monday migraine. And sweetP's soccer coach finally decided to cancel Monday night practices!!!! Yahoo!

The bad. I don't know what I am doing in science tomorrow. I guess I know what my first job will be once I am done with the procrastinating. I also have a significant stack of papers to grade since I didn't do much work over the weekend. Yikes. Grading party at my house. Please bring your own red, green, purple, etc. pen.

The downright depressing. My little sweetE, that I thought was pretty much better, is sick again. He is on day 9 of antibiotics, so you would think he would be immune. No such luck. Tonight, he has a fever again, says his ear hurts again, says he is cold, he is tired, weepy, whiny and just not feeling good. We are off to see the doctor again tomorrow and I can only hope that it doesn't become a sleepless night. He is such a snuggler when he doesn't feel good that nothing gets done. I am really hoping that he wakes up and feels like his usual rambunctious self.