Sunday, February 6, 2011

That's Life I Guess

Oh my what a week! I am so very glad that it is over.

Last weekend had a few disappointments attached to it, but nothing major. Monday, however, was awful. It was the start of the last week of the grading period and as always I was behind on my grading. Then I got the message that Velcro was not doing well. He couldn't stand and he was crying during the night. The time had come to say good-bye to my fuzzy boy. We made the appointment for the vet to come to the house that afternoon. I didn't want his last moments to be fearful.

Sadly, his last moments were still fearful and painful. The vet couldn't seem to find the vein, it took multiple tries. And he cried. And I cried. In the end, the vet had moved him so he wasn't looking at his family, but at strangers, when he left us. But he was the best dog I could have asked for. I loved him and he loved me. I know he felt that even at the end.

We buried him in the backyard. SweetE shared Velcro's scrapbook with his class that week for show and tell. The boys seem to be coping well. My little sweetE chose to be with us when Velcro was put to sleep. He says that he misses him. But he has always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. Because he is my child, he threw a little levity into the situation by telling me my eyes were red. He followed with "that means you're evil." Dang my secret is out!

I ended the week by sweetE getting sick and spending way too much time finishing my grades. But sweetE felt better today and my grades got done. So no matter what happens, life goes on. And Velcro lives on too in our hearts and memories.