Friday, October 22, 2010

Twists and Turns

Life has a funny way of doing it's own thing. Regardless of what I think should happen, life is going to do exactly what it wants. I will admit to being just a little bit of a control freak. Ok, maybe more than a little. I like things done the way that I want them to be done. There is my way and the wrong way.

Long ago I planned out my life. I made some modifications along the way. The one day my plan flew out the window and life took over. My happily ever after stopped being happy. My carefully crafted life fell to pieces with one swift move. My backup plan failed. Things stopped happening how I thought. Over and over again.

But, along the way some new things started to happen. I rediscovered who I am. I realized I am a work in progress, that I will continue to grow and change. Happiness has made a reappearance. There are still kinks to be worked out, wrinkles that need to be ironed.

Life is taking its own sweet time in putting the details of my life together. I am learning new levels of frustration in the job search. It will work out, but soon would be nice.

The surprises and changes to what I believed to be true will continue. I will continue to learn and adapt along the way. One day it will all be ok again. Everything will work out. I will be better and stronger. For now at least, it is nice to be happy again.